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OOC Name: Dev

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IC Information:

Character Name: Cooper Hazelton

Year: Sixth Year

Age: 17

House: When Cooper was sorted into Hufflepuff, he took it as a sign to make a difference. He wasn’t going to lie, the house fit him like a glove, just like with his ancestors before him, but that didn’t mean he would let himself fall into the same pattern of apathy his parents and family members shared. Unlike them he could see the wonders life beheld. He wanted adventure, wanted romance, he wanted to experience the thrill of what it was to actually live. He’d grab life by the hand and relish in every experience he could. Cooper had dreams and aspirations, all painted in the beautiful colors of the emotion inside him, waiting to burst through the cracks and paint the inherited dullness of his life. Cooper thought Hufflepuff could provide the tools he needed to free himself from his shell.

Blood Status: Cooper Hazelton is a pureblood and it means absolutely nothing to him. It’s one of the few things he can admit he agrees with when it comes to his family’s approach to the world. Blood status means nothing if you’re a shitty person. It will not determine the kind of person you are and who you will grow to be, only you can do that and he sticks to that motto.

Patronus: Cooper’s patronus is a snake. It represents his desire to shed his skin and crawl out of the shell that he’s created in order to fit in with his family. His desire to grow and mature and start from scratch. Snakes have always been an object of his fascination as well.

Boggart: His boggart is the image of an adventurous boy trapped inside a statue of an old man. It represents his fear of becoming just like his grandparents, uninterested, hard as stone and totally immobile, unable to do the things he wants to. He’s afraid of becoming apathetic

Family Relationship: Cooper isn’t close to his family, at all. His parents showed the same kind of boredom and disinterest in raising him as they did to the world. They didn’t even want a kid in the first place and seeing as they barely even had a sex life to begin with, they thought they wouldn’t have a problem. That— of course— didn’t last very long, seeing as after one of their rare affairs, Mrs. Hazelton found out she was pregnant a month later. They didn’t neglect Cooper as a child, they made sure he could get all the necessities. He got an education, books, clothes, food, but they lacked the love a parent usually shares with his child, making the entire relationship fall flat. He got more interaction and adoration in a week with his nannie than he did his entire life with his parents, but he never minded it, the lack of love was normal for him and he never really thought there was a problem with it.

Biography: Cooper is definitely the odd one out of his family, but because of the environment he was raised in, you would never be able to tell. I believe he is the kind of person that is still raw underneath his shell, the kind that still needs to be molded and created as a person, because of the somewhat sheltered life he’s led. Maybe if he was born in a more well-rounded and caring family he could’ve been much more charismatic and less shy, maybe even more adventurous and unafraid of pursuing what he wants out of life. Maybe if he were born in a prouder possibly arrogant family he could’ve been more confident, maybe even proud himself, with the added flaws of being manipulative and arrogant. As a person he has a lot of potential and he probably doesn’t even know it. He just needs the right kind of people to help him grow and mature, become something more than just that really stoic kid that smiles once every blue moon.

He could come off a standoffish to most, seeing as he probably doesn’t talk much and the way he tends to carry himself would be off putting to a few people but Cooper doesn’t really mean to act like that. On the contrary, he wants to try and make friends. He wants to be social and learn more about people and experience what it’s like to actually express himself and have someone genuinely care, but it’s not so easy. When you live with someone long enough you start to pick up on their habits and for Coop it’s actually been a necessity for him to do so. He never wanted to attract attention to himself, didn’t want to seem like the family weirdo just because he had a deeper appreciation for the world so he adapted. He mastered the art of keeping his face straight and showing absolutely no emotion towards any situation. He could be fuming or completely ecstatic about something and you would never even notice. He could fit in and use it as a defense mechanism whenever he wanted it. It was handy for keeping him safe, but it set him back in achieving what the state of mind he craved. The few friends he has actually know who the real Cooper is. The Cooper who’s passionate about the world and its wonders, the guy who is endlessly curious about life and just wants to try anything and everything all at once. That’s the guy he hopes, with time, will be on the surface.

Para Sample: Hazel isn’t just a color, it’s a spectrum. It’s a mix of different browns and blues, greens and yellows, all in one. A wide array of hues and emotions locked into a single being, drawing from energy from one another and bringing life to whatever it touched. So, why is it that the name of something like vivacious is attributed to a family that has the life of a rock and is about as interesting as drying paint? That’s a question that Cooper didn’t have the answer too at the moment— Not really. He likes to think that maybe, way back when, in the 1920’s or something, his family actually encompassed the definition of Hazel. Bright and full of life, open to the world’s possibilities and curious to discover more, to explore life and live it to its full extent. His imagination would paint him in that time period, with a livelier mum and a much more interesting father. A place full of untold mysteries just waiting to be explored and a life filled with new adventures, both big and small. Instead he was stuck in a house where the most exciting thing that happened was when his grandfather decided to switch positions in front of the T.V., (which seldom happened mind you). Whenever he was feeling particularly creative, he would cross his legs or lay his head on knuckles. On occasion, very rarely, Granddad would be a daredevil and actually get up and move to the couch to then resume his statuesque position. Cooper thought that the poor old crow’s mind was probably mush already after years of the same thing. He wondered if his brain could still function without the television; if he could possibly crank out at least a thought or two. He doubted it, however. Not because he didn’t have faith in his grandfather, if not by the simple fact that after so many years of idle nothingness he could practically hear the static emanate from the old man’s ears. It didn’t help that the only thing he could manage was a grunt in response and a mumbled word every now and then.

Cooper stowed those thoughts away however. Soon enough he’d be far away from the static and the gray that was his household. He’d be back with his friends, rushing through halls and learning about magic, making potions and probably blowing something up in the process. He’d be laughing and smiling—or at least trying to—and actually having a conversation with someone who cared. He kept played around with those thoughts while he packed, hoping the day would be over soon and he’d be on his way to a place where things actually happened.

The train station was bustling with people as usual. Muggles and wizards alike nudging their children along and kissing them goodbye as they entered their individual carts taking them off to the same place Cooper’s been yearning to go since he got back home. His grip was firm as he wheeled the cart to his destination. Just like last year, and the year before that, and the year before that up to his second year returning to Hogwarts, he was alone. His parents had walked him up to the first few steps and then left, leaving him to find his place on his own. Cooper didn’t mind honestly. Why would he? He got to get away from his parents earlier and that little weight on his chest would be lifted as soon as they went. It was a few minutes after, wind blowing idly and the atmosphere busy and refreshing, before he found where he was supposed to go. Entering the train, finding and occupying the empty cart his nerves jumped with the familiar excitement of returning back to Hogwarts. He sat at the farther end of the cart, looking out the window as grassy fields passed by. The space became more occupied with excited teenagers and chit chat after an hour or so. Sixth years talking and discussing of what was to come this year. He felt himself get lost in their conversations, participating whenever it was necessary before his mind took him someplace far and his imagination ran wild. Soon day turned to night and green forests became mountains, and as the view of the castle came closer Cooper felt more at home, at ease. He felt normal again.

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