Holden Prior

The role of HOLDEN PRIOR has been accepted!

Wonderful application, Kaelee! Both admins thought you hit Holden’s character head on, and we can’t wait to see him in practice. Here’s a refresher on the acceptance procedure if you need it. Welcome back for round two!

-Admin Lennon

OOC Information:

OOC Name: Kaelee

OOC Age [16+]: 18

Timezone: CST

Rule Password: Removed

IC Information:

Character Name: Holden Prior

Year: Fifth

Age: 15

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The role of MELODY FLORRICK has been accepted!

Wonderful application, Alex! You captured Melody so clearly in your answers to the application questions and in your wonderfully written para sample. Please go HERE for a rundown on the acceptance procedure. Welcome to Our Legacy!

-Admin Reid

OOC Information:

OOC Name: Alex

OOC Age [16+]: 19

Timezone: EST

Rule Passwordremoved

IC Information:

Character Name: Melody Florrick

Year: Sixth

Age: Sixteen; February 19th

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The role of AUDREY MARCHANT has been accepted!

Beautifully written application, Jenny! Both admins thought you had a great understanding of Audrey already, and we look forward to you starting here. Please go HERE for a rundown on the acceptance procedure. Welcome to Our Legacy!

-Admin Lennon

OOC Information:

OOC Name: Jenny

OOC Age [16+]: 16

Timezone: Central

Rule Password: Removed

IC Information:

Character Name: Audrey Marchant

Year: sixth

Age: 17

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Anonymous owled: "will you be posting accepted applications today? :)"

We’ll be posting acceptances tomorrow when the reservation for Melody Florrick ends. If no app is set in, the reservation will be up, and we’ll review the applications that we do have.

-Admin Lennon

Anonymous owled: "What is the admins' view on taking multiple characters?"

We are happy for people to take a second! At the moment, people are allowed to take on two characters, though we usually encourage the second is taken after you’ve established your first - that is, made some connections, para’d a little, started working on plot. We also want to make sure that people who take on a second have the time to develop both, so if you’re managing to come on once every few days, it really isn’t a good idea to take a second, as your already little time will be spread even thinner. But we are more than happy for people to take a second if they have the time and desire to. We also have a page for second characters, if you want to read more about it.

-Admin Lennon

Melody Florrick

is now on reserve by theadalynnrhodes for 48 hours.

-Admin Reid

Anonymous owled: "when is the next plot update?"

Excellent question! Once this round of para partners winds down, we will compile a list of all the latest plot drops, from both the para prompts and personal plots, and release the new update!

-Admin Reid

The app count has been updated.

The students of Hogwarts were gathered into the Great Hall at dinner time to hear an emergency announcement from Headmistress McGonagall. All professors were in attendance at the front, looking grim and solemn as McGonagall stood behind the lectern and addressed the students.

It is with a heavy heart that I stand before you tonight to deliver news that we felt best to hear from us, your professors, than from the evening edition of the Daily Prophet. This afternoon, the Minister of Magic, Rowan Lennox, was found dead in his London home. We don’t want to sugercoat the truth, or beat around the bush: the circumstances of his death are suspicious, and it appears likely that something or someone attacked him with great rage and intent. Rowan Lennox was not the perfect Minister, or the perfect man: but he was human, and tonight we grieve the loss of a man who led the wizarding world through many dark hours - a man who once walked these halls and sat where you sit now. He was brave and intelligent, and I have no doubt that he fought as hard as he could for the things he believed in — but peace is not won with wands or words. It is won by hearts. Rowan Lennox died scared of peace, hiding from it and leaving the wizarding world in a time of crisis; he was not perfect, but we accept that he was human. 

We will be lighting lanterns out in the grounds in half an hour in memory of Rowan Lennox should any student wish to light one and express their respect and grief that way. Heads of Houses will also be on hand all night to talk with any student who feels they are struggling with the news. 

There was silence as McGonagall stepped away and headed outside; students who wanted to light a lantern for Lennox followed and lit one, watching the hundreds soar into the air and fill the dark night sky with a little bit of light. By magic, the lanterns hung in the air above the castle like makeshift stars all night. 

Players are now encouraged to take on board this latest development and look for the accompanying Prophet article momentarily that will give characters more information on how Lennox died. Anyone with questions or concerns can message the main - if not, happy roleplaying!

-Admins Lennon & Reid