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  • Fiona Bordan/Briar Marquet
Anonymous owled: "Is it still 2013 in the RP?"

Correct! Though for argument’s sake we don’t police anyone referring to things that were made or happened in 2014.

-Admin Lennon

Anonymous owled: "hello sorry to intrude, but i was wondering if Rose Leslie could be in any future bios?"

No intrusion at all, anon! While Rose Leslie is lovely, both admins agree that she looks a little too old to pass as a sixth year {since our seventh years are still closed until the school year turns over}. 

-Admin Lennon

Audrey Marchant

Anonymous owled: "Would you consider a Caitlin Stasey FC?"

Absolutely! We can keep her in mind for a future bio. You’re more than welcome to apply as an OC with her faceclaim or switch a canon character’s FC to Caitlin’s in the meantime, though.

-Admin Lennon

Melody Florrick

Holden Prior

The role of HOLDEN PRIOR has been accepted!

Wonderful application, Kaelee! Both admins thought you hit Holden’s character head on, and we can’t wait to see him in practice. Here’s a refresher on the acceptance procedure if you need it. Welcome back for round two!

-Admin Lennon

OOC Information:

OOC Name: Kaelee

OOC Age [16+]: 18

Timezone: CST

Rule Password: Removed

IC Information:

Character Name: Holden Prior

Year: Fifth

Age: 15

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The role of MELODY FLORRICK has been accepted!

Wonderful application, Alex! You captured Melody so clearly in your answers to the application questions and in your wonderfully written para sample. Please go HERE for a rundown on the acceptance procedure. Welcome to Our Legacy!

-Admin Reid

OOC Information:

OOC Name: Alex

OOC Age [16+]: 19

Timezone: EST

Rule Passwordremoved

IC Information:

Character Name: Melody Florrick

Year: Sixth

Age: Sixteen; February 19th

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The role of AUDREY MARCHANT has been accepted!

Beautifully written application, Jenny! Both admins thought you had a great understanding of Audrey already, and we look forward to you starting here. Please go HERE for a rundown on the acceptance procedure. Welcome to Our Legacy!

-Admin Lennon

OOC Information:

OOC Name: Jenny

OOC Age [16+]: 16

Timezone: Central

Rule Password: Removed

IC Information:

Character Name: Audrey Marchant

Year: sixth

Age: 17

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